two professionals looking at a contract holding the contract n their hands business law

MDE Law Group provides advice for businesses in the following areas:

  • Business Transactions and Contract Review
  • Corporate Structuring 
  • Employment Law
    • Corporate Officer Defense
    • Corporate Executive Claims 
  • International Business Law
  • Outside General Counsel

Business Transactions and Contract Review

MDE Law Group strengthens and protects your interests: first, by performing due diligence and examining business prospects to ensure a sound business investment; and second, by providing our expertise to aid in all aspects of your business, including:

  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts.
  • Drafting Asset Purchase Agreements for Mergers and/or Buyouts,
  • Drafting the compendium of corporate documents required for the new entity or controlling entity after the Merger to include new shareholders, members, etc.
  • Negotiating Mergers and Buyouts of closely held entities.

Corporate Structuring

“Starting a successful business is much more than just filing articles of incorporation; company profitability starts with making the right choices in structuring your company.”

Choosing a corporate structure is a lot more than, will we be an LLC or and Inc? It is a decision that should take into account the future plans of your company and the direction your company wants to move in. Whether you are an established business or a startup that needs plan ahead; at MDE Law Group we have the business attorneys to help you make the educated choice.

Employment Law

  • Corporate Officer Defense
  • Corporate Executive Claims 

Outside General Counsel

MDE Law Group offers support to those companies who either do not have a General Counsel or have a single in-house lawyer. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide day to day strategic counseling and routine legal services that are tailored to meet a particular client’s legal needs.