male and female couple looking at a tablet trusts and estate planning

Trust and estate issues may include will contests, claims of breaches of fiduciary duties by trustees and other fiduciaries, accountings by fiduciaries, interpretation of estate planning documents, issues of trust modification and reformation, allegations of undue influence or fraudulent conveyances by a fiduciary, and issues regarding testamentary capacity and intent. MDE Law Group, PLLC is available to represent both beneficiaries and fiduciaries serving as executors, administrators, or trustees in resolving these issues.

MDE Law Group, PLLC represents clients in disputes over estates and trusts. These are often emotional battles between family members regarding inheritances and/or the maintenance of trusts. The firm offers representation in trust administration disputes, breach of fiduciary duty cases, and will contests.

The firm also represents fiduciaries – trustees and executors – when they need guidance as to how to construe a provision in a will or trust. If the document is not clear and there is a dispute among the beneficiaries of a will or trust as to the document’s meaning, a fiduciary can file a petition for aid and direction from the court.

Whether you are an executor, trustee, beneficiary, or someone improperly left out of a will, contact our estate litigation lawyer at MDE Law Group, PLLC to discuss your options.