two women smiling looking at a laptop conservatorships and guardianships

When a person is unable to care for their person or their property, the court can appoint someone to act for their best interests. Guardians and conservators make decisions regarding the personal and financial affairs, respectively, of such incapacitated persons. These proceedings may become emotionally charged when there is a dispute as to whether the person actually lacks such capacity or who is best placed to act in the person’s best interests. If you need help with the appointment of a guardian or conservator, our experienced guardian lawyer at MDE Law Group PLLC can work with you to help determine the best interests of the incapacitated person.

An adult guardianship or conservatorship is created when a Virginia circuit court determines that a person is unable to manage his or her own personal or financial affairs and appoints a guardian and/or conservator for that person.

The person for whom a guardian or conservator is appointed is called the incapacitated person.

A guardian is a person appointed to handle the affairs of the incapacitated person.

A conservator handles the financial affairs of the incapacitated person.

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