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MDE Law Group, PLLC assists its clients with a variety of legal issues that are exacerbated by mental health conditions. Partner Anna Dvorchik, is a mental health lawyer who represents individuals in criminal cases who have serious mental illnesses or, experienced an episodic mental health crisis. She also represents families who need guidance navigating the mental health system and accessing services for a family member. This can mean a variety of different things: explaining the civil commitment process, assistance with talking with hospitals and providers regarding a family member’s treatment, writing letters expressing concern about care that is being received, discussing options such as psychiatric power of attorney, the appropriateness of guardianship and conservatorship in any given case.

Finally, she represents individuals who have been sued, or, are respondents in protective orders due to behavior that stemmed from a mental health or behavioral health crisis.

If you or someone you love needs help navigating the legal and mental health systems, contact our mental health lawyer at MDE Law Group for assistance!