“We know you worked hard to build your business. That’s why we work even harder to defend it.”

In today’s business world litigation can take the form of a traditional court room battle or binding arbitration. In either event your assets are on the line, and you need aggressive representation that doesn’t compromise your business relationships.

No business ever wants to resort to litigation; but sometimes there is no choice. Whether you a defending a claim against your company or protecting your company’s assets; the litigation attorneys at MDE Law Group understand the intricacies of court room litigation and arbitrations, at both the domestic and international level, and, when necessary, know how to balance trial tactics to attempt to salvage future business relationships. No matter the claim, a MDE trial attorney is the right choice for your business.

Our attorneys have experience in the following business-related litigation:

Breach of contract

Business disputes

Breach of warranties 

Corporate Officer Defense

Corporate Executive Claims 

Dissolution or breakup of a business


Lease Disputes – Landlords and Tenants

Non-compete covenants

Securities matters

Trade secrets

Unfair business practices