Episode 80: I Swear Officer, My Kids Are Fine! View Podcast Episode

Leaving your kids unattended can get the ball rolling for all sorts of things you may have never thought about.  You can be charged criminally.  CPS can get involved.  And sometimes your kid can even be injured.  In this episode we focus on parents or those watching children and how life can get in the way sometimes. You are tired, stressed, and/or distracted.  Or your kid is sleeping and you are just running into the store for one thing.  The car gets hotter than you think.  All of these things can lead you down a road to being involved in the criminal justice system.


If you are listening to this podcast, thank you!  We sincerely hope you are listening to this podcast for its entertainment value and not with the intention of acquiring legal advice for any individual case or situation.  I mean, come on! You wouldn’t take advice from someone you have never met or spoken to directly, right?   If you were bleeding profusely, you wouldn’t listen to a podcast in hopes of a bandage somehow materializing over the internet and onto your 3D printer.  Seeking actual legal advice can be just as important as a tourniquet.  The hosts of this podcast are in no way intending to create an attorney-client relationship with any listener.  Sorry.  We are sure you all are great people but we cannot stress enough how little we know of you and your case and rather than risk an awkward moment, let us just remember we have never met.  Nothing on this platform be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation!  We are just a group of friends with differing opinions and viewpoints which we will try to explore through discussions of current events, law changes, and whatever else floats our fancy.